• Health, life, and accident  insurance for small and midsize companies

About Enterprise Momentum

Companies these days, regardless of the size of the organization, have one thing in common: They seek health benefits solutions that are both cost-effective and simple to administer so they can focus on growing their businesses.

We provide an innovative and cost-effective approach to delivering your employee health and benefits needs with enhanced benefits, smart administration, and expert advice.

Enterprise Momentum is a consolidated approach, enabling small and midsize companies to take advantage of the resources, experience, and expertise of one of the world’s largest benefits consulting and insurance brokerage firms. Think of us as an extension of your own team, providing streamlined benefits administration in all markets throughout the Asia region.

Our bundled benefit solutions for small and midsize companies provide a unique benefits experience. We’ve done most of the hard work, so you don’t have to!

With over $60 billion in benefits premiums and equivalencies under our care, and benefits specialists in 135 countries, we know benefits.


One-stop insurance for all your employee benefit needs

We provide a convenient, affordable, competitive, and complete offering of benefits by leveraging the experience and resources of Mercer Marsh Benefits.

About Mercer Marsh Benefits

Mercer Marsh Benefits provides clients with a single source for managing the costs, people risks, and complexities of employee benefits. The network is a combination of Mercer and Marsh local offices around the world, plus country correspondents who have been selected based on specific criteria.

Our benefits experts, located in 135 countries and servicing clients in more than 150 countries, are deeply knowledgeable about their local markets.

Through our locally established businesses, we have a unique common platform which allows us to serve clients with global consistency and locally unique solutions.

Our Approved Providers of Choice

Mercer Marsh Benefits knowledge of the market, strong relationships, and stringent selection criteria mean we only partner with leading insurers in each market to give employers access to competitive and leading-edge benefits.

Our unique position as a benefits broker and advisor means we have a clear and unbiased view of market trends and prevalence, what’s competitive, and the latest in benefits design and administration.

As a broker, we have insight into the entire market, enabling us to design competitive benefits and partner with leading insurers who can provide services and solutions to meet your specific needs.

* The availability, nature, and provider of any services or products, as described herein, and applicable terms and conditions may therefore vary in certain countries as a result of applicable legal and regulatory restrictions and requirements. Insured person(s) should read through insured benefits, terms, and conditions prior to entering into the insurance policy contract. Please consult your Marsh or Mercer consultants regarding any restrictions that may be applicable to the ability of Marsh or Mercer to provide regulated services or products to you in your country.