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Wide Range of Business Insurance

Every dollar and every minute spent on improving your business counts. As your insurance broker, we provide solutions to make your life easier.

Being prepared can be the difference between success and failure. We can help with your business risk and insurance needs, whether for your talent or your office.

 Business Solutions    Talent Solutions

Business Insurance

We have a network of local insurance brokers and risk consultants who can analyze your exposures, provide insurance and risk management recommendations, and negotiate with providers to find competitive products and solutions.

 Small Business Liability

Whether you're a single operator or have more than one office, insuring your premise and contents is an essential business need. Our office package provides you with comprehensive coverage — including workmen's compensation — at a competitive rate.

 Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability

Litigation can be costly to any business, in terms of resources, time and funds, and potentially detrimental to any small organization. Our customized D&O solution will provide you with the confidence to lead.

 Workers' Compensation Insurance

Controlling workers' compensation costs and improving workplace safety continue to be key issues for employers across all industries. Marsh's holistic approach to workers' compensation can help you rein in costs, and our insights provide timely information around what’s driving your costs.

 Group Employee Benefits Insurance

Enterprise Momentum, by Mercer Marsh Benefits, is a suite of solutions design especially for firms with a small to mid-size number of employees, to meet their health care and benefits requirements. Our offerings also cover highly valued staff, senior executives and internationally mobile employees.

 Trade Credit Insurance

Most small businesses insure their property and office assets, but many overlook their balance sheet, which can be detrimental to business. Marsh's trade credit insurance provides protection against the failure of your buyers to pay their financial obligation.

Talent Solutions

We are a global consulting leader in talent, health, retirement, and investments. Through our market insights, reports, tools, resources, and consulting expertise, we can help you to protect and grow your talent.

 Salary Determination/Job Pricing

How do you accurately determine pay levels for a specific job in a particular industry/function? Thousands of clients have used our Market Value Services to generate reliable one-off pricings based on our in-depth remuneration database. We offer a quick turnaround of 3 days for 2-3 positions, with an experienced analyst who works closely with you.

 Company Benefits Practices

Our yearly 'Spotlight on Benefits' report is a reliable one-stop reference for clients' benefits review exercises. Aside from evergreen items like annual leave, allowances and medical benefits, the report also details newer ones such as flexible benefits and work-life harmony related arrangements.

 Health Management Solutions

Workplace wellness programs can be quick, simple and effective, leading to healthier and more productive employees. Our broad range of health solutions enables us to create a wellness program to meet the health profile and needs of your employees including fitness, smoking, behavior change, health risk assessment, resiliency programs and more.


Health and benefit solutions are a crucial tool for HR to engage employees by offering them choice, help you to appeal to an increasingly diverse workforce, and differentiate you as an employer of choice. SimpliFlex is a simple and cost effective flexible benefits solution.

 Assessing Managerial Judgment

Do you have the right leaders with the right skills? How are you assessing leadership skills and gaps in your organization? TalentSIM® is an online competency-based assessment that uses job simulation technology to measure critical skills that drive success in managerial positions.


* May differ from market to market.

* The availability, nature, and provider of any services or products, as described herein, and applicable terms and conditions may therefore vary in certain countries as a result of applicable legal and regulatory restrictions and requirements. Insured person(s) should read through insured benefits, terms, and conditions prior to entering into the insurance policy contract. Please consult your Marsh or Mercer consultants regarding any restrictions that may be applicable to the ability of Marsh or Mercer to provide regulated services or products to you in your country.


Benefits Solutions

Enterprise Momentum by Mercer Marsh Benefits is a service designed for small to midsize employers to meet their health and benefits requirements: