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Enterprise Momentum delivers comprehensive benefits services to small and midsize businesses, both multinational and local domestics. Through our complete approach to employee health insurance, clients can take advantage of the resources, experience, and expertise of one of the world's largest benefits consulting and brokerage firms to obtain an open and transparent benefits experience.

We provide an innovative and cost-effective approach to delivering your employee health and medical insurance needs with enhanced benefits, smart administration, and expert advice.

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China (Mainland)
Sun Jun
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Hong Kong
Janet Lung
+852 3476 3926

Manish Lalwani
+91 22 66512906

Abraham Susanto
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Yoshiyuki Miyamoto
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Johnny Lee
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Brian Chong
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Clement Tang
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Noppawan Nonthalugsne
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Phu Nguyen
+84 8 6288 2399

* The availability, nature, and provider of any services or products, as described herein, and applicable terms and conditions may therefore vary in certain countries as a result of applicable legal and regulatory restrictions and requirements. Insured person(s) should read through insured benefits, terms, and conditions prior to entering into the insurance policy contract. Please consult your Marsh or Mercer consultants regarding any restrictions that may be applicable to the ability of Marsh or Mercer to provide regulated services or products to you in your country.


Benefits Solutions

Enterprise Momentum by Mercer Marsh Benefits is a service designed for small to midsize employers to meet their health and benefits requirements: